The APX Are ‘Right On Time’

We’ve never been shy about our nostalgic fixation on old-school sounds. It’s not that we’re stuck in the past, it’s just that music was better back in the day. This is not debatable, by the way (no shade to the iGeneration). It’s no wonder, then, that Atlanta-based rhythm-n-funk outfit The APX blew us away with their debut album Electrik Funk last summer. Not only did the Bounce-Worthy duo put their signature brand of stank on classic faves by Evelyn “Champagne” King and Yarbrough and Peoples, they impressed us with original tracks like “Lose Yourself to the Groove” and “Sweet Surrender.” We aren’t the only ones who noticed the musical chemistry of the talented lovebirds. The project was so well-received, it prompted them to issue a Deluxe Edition of Electrik Funk just before the close of the year.

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The expanded set included four incredible new tracks, totally worth our coins. But they also dropped an accompanying video for new single “Right On Time” that led to the following realization: We need to see more of The APX on our screens. Sporting a crimped ‘do, Erika Rhodes is serving ’80s panache and plenty of soul as she works the keytar and percussion while singing, “Your lovin’ found me right on time / So glad I’m yours and you are mine.” On top of providing vocoder-enhanced background vocals, Dee Rhodes injects a healthy dose of funk with his synth skills before letting loose on a saxophone solo.

Get into the black-and-white visuals for the infectious groove below. While you dance along, post a video on social media using the #RightOnTimeChallenge hashtag for a chance to win Electrik Funk (Deluxe Edition) and The APX swag. Watch the promo or visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages for full details. But be quick about it, because the contest ends on February 6th. If you’re a part of the Rhythmless Nation or camera shy, no worries, the album is available for purchase in a variety of digital and physical formats via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and more.

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