August Greene Taps Into Our Consciousness With ‘Black Kennedy’

We’re still reeling with excitement over the formation of the surprise supergroup August Greene after they released their updated take on inspirational classic “Optimistic” and its encouraging video. That’s not the only listen we’ll get of their self-titled debut before it arrives, though. The trio — consisting of Robert GlasperCommon and Karriem Riggins – taps into the black consciousness for their reflective second single “Black Kennedy.”

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“Black Kennedy” takes advantage of the strengths of its three members. Robert lays down a simple yet moving piano line that loops throughout, setting a somewhat introspective mood that permeates the song. Karriem grounds it all with hip-hop influenced drums that make your head nod without distracting from the song and its lyrics. Common, meanwhile, provides the song with its voice, taking us through black history with his own experiences and those of others. However, though he speaks of the past and present, he also looks forward to the future and generations that he can inspire and even hints at presidential aspirations. It all comes together as one cohesive chorus, with Com rhyming, “If I was a Kennedy / I’d be a black Kennedy / Black car, black tux / This is black symmetry.” It’s coupled with a hopeful refrain that lets the world know “we ain’t got no ceilings to our thoughts now.”

August Greene’s debut is shaping up to be an automatic must-listen. We definitely know we’ll be giving it a spin upon its release on March 9th. Prepare yourself for the album’s arrival when you tuck into the black excellence of  “Black Kennedy” below.

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