Rob Milton Recruits Brik.Liam & Bri Hightower To Spread More Gratitude With ‘Thank You Too’

Rob Milton has been on one as of late. We thoroughly enjoyed his happy-go-lucky single “Thank You,” which celebrated haters and lovers alike for being the inspiration to keep pushing on. A little over a month after dropping the single, he’s linked up with singers Brik.Liam and Bri Hightower to hit us with the remix, which he’s cleverly re-titled “Thank You Too.”

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Upon pressing play, you’ll immediately notice that he’s gone for a different feel on the remix. The funky, old-school soul feel is replaced by a sound more in line with the “trap-soul” stylings of Bryson Tiller, with 808s bumping and hi-hats skittering over atmospheric synth. The sound switch-up gives the song a more introspective quality that fits with the reflective lyrics. Rob rides the beat fairly well here, incorporating and interpolating elements of Missy Elliott‘s “I’m Better” and Sly & The Family Stone‘s “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” to great effect. As far as the new additions to the track, Brik.Liam offers a velvety smooth bridge that includes a clever reference to Stevie Wonder and even segues into an impromptu acceptance speech. Bri Hightower, meanwhile, provides ad-libs and backing vocals throughout, getting her Migos on in the process.

This one is definitely a different sound than we’ve heard from him, but one that fits him quite nicely. See if you agree when you check out Rob Milton’s “Thank You Too” below.

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