Rose Gold Gets Lost In The Moment With ‘Threw Me Off’

We haven’t been able to get enough of Cali-based singer-songwriter Rose Gold since we named her Bounce Worthy in October of last year. Lucky enough for us, she hasn’t stopped popping up on our radar since. She’s spent a significant amount of time working with frequent collaborator Terrace Martin — both on his Velvet Portraits project and as part of his The Polly Seeds collective — and she’s also made time to drop off her own solo material along the way. Now, before 2017 wraps up, she gives us one last taste of her musical magic with her latest release “Threw Me Off.”

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The song is all about being caught off guard by unexpected love. Rose takes her time, weaving a tale of a chance meeting between her and the object of her affection that caught her slippin’ and slidin’ right into love’s path. “You threw me off/Right now I’m not myself,” she sings on the chorus. “You threw me off/I fell.” Meanwhile, her melodic voice sits atop a dreamlike arrangement funky bass, simple drums, a slight hint of keys and synths that come at the chorus to help things soar that much higher. All in all, it’s a heady mix that blissfully recreates that moment of realizing your falling quite well.

With her name being on our fingertips so often this year, we can only hope that we can say the same for next, as Muva Gold Blood is someone whose praises we don’t want to stop singing. Check out Rose Gold’s “Threw Me Off” right here and stick around for another recent loosie, the short-but-sweet kiss-off “Dawson’s Creek,” below.

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