PJ Morton & Lecrae Are On A Mission In The ‘Religion’ Remix

PJ Morton most definitely has a reason to celebrate 2017 as a successful year. Not only did the singer-songwriter (and Maroon 5 bandmember as well) drop his fourth studio album, Gumbo, this April, the project also earned him two GRAMMY Award nominations. Capping off what’s been a milestone year for him, PJ connects with Christian rapper Lecrae for the remix and video for his song, “Religion.”

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“Religion” was already an interesting song, what with PJ earnestly challenging those hiding behind the guise of Christianity to justify their own selfish actions. However, the addition of Lecrae’s opening rap makes it all the more interesting. “You love to point out all the wrongs, right? / That’s a day job / That’s a long night,” he rhymes. “But it’s your life / What’s the point that I’m missing? / Tell me the point of your mission.” It’s the perfect segue into PJ’s measured critique of most modern-day evangelicals. For the video, PJ keeps it simple as he sits at in a mostly empty house playing a Wurlitzer electric piano. Though Lecrae joins him for the opening verse in the chilly abode (you can literally see their breath as they speak), the focus is mainly on PJ throughout as he moves through different rooms of the house thanks to the magic of film. Occasionally, though, a man is shown in the house stitching together an American flag, which he eventually marches down a street with during the early morning light.

Clearly, PJ Morton has something to say about the current state of America with this one. Check out the video for “Religion” below and see if you agree with his message.

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