Omarion Shares His ‘#Nudes’ With Us

Whether it’s a little “love note” between you and your boo or a more public affair you can find on the other side of Tumblr, the idea of sharing nude images to surprise, delight and arouse others is commonplace. One person who is definitely not new to sending nudes is Omarion. The former boy band heartthrob-turned-grown man sex symbol has had his own kibbles and bits splattered across the ‘net. And he doesn’t mind leaving thirst traps for his adoring fans. On the latest single from his upcoming album, Reasons, the crooner asks the girl in his world to help him get in the mood with a few sexy pics.

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Over a slinky production with heavy bass and synths, Omarion seductively implores his girl to “Send me those nudes.” While some of the lyrics go there as far as lasciviousness is concerned ( example: “What time you get off work / I’m trying to make you squirt”) it works. It’s a little risqué, but sending nudes ain’t about being romantic. It’s about getting down to business and fulfilling carnal desires. He doesn’t do too much but gives just enough to get you interested without being disgusted.

In the video, Omarion’s lover sends him a few mid-day nudes to let him know she’s thinking about him. Omarion then starts daydreaming about various sexy scenarios, from a cute and artistic scene of him taking pics  of a modelwith a Polaroid camera to a raunchy threesome with two big booty gals shaking what their momma gave ‘em. The clip ends when a fellow motorist beeps the horn, finally waking up our lothario from his wet dream.

While anticipation for Omarion’s Reasons was tepid at first, eventually growing to curiosity, his latest release has us looking forward to what the singer might have in store. For now, check out Omarion’s “Nudes” below.

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