Khalid Nurses Hope & A Broken Heart In ‘Saved’

It must be nice to be R&B youngster Khalid. The 19-year-old phenom is basking in the glow of a 2017 that included his first GRAMMY nomination for his debut album American Teen as well as platinum plaques for his singles “Location” and “Saved.” Perhaps to celebrate the spoils of his hard work, the singer has gifted fans with a brand new visual for the latter single, which deals with the aftermath of heartbreak.

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Despite its heavenly title, “Saved” is all about the hellish emotions you go through post-breakup. “The hard part always seems to last forever,” he sings at the song’s beginning. “Sometimes I forget that we aren’t together.” To illustrate his lonely hour, the video takes us to an island paradise, where it seems that Khalid is all on his own. Colorful, artfully directed shots show a him looking positively morose as he contemplates what went wrong and what could’ve been. Interspersed throughout the clip are dream-like club sequences where it appears that he and his lady might’ve reconciled. However, just like in real life, it appears to be a trick of the mind and, by video’s close, it appears that young Khalid is still all alone.

While it’s definitely a somber ending, we wouldn’t feel too bad for Khalid. The singer-songwriter has a bright future ahead of him, including a sure-to-be-amazing night at the GRAMMYs next month. Check out the video for “Saved” below.

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