Louis York & The Shindellas Deliver A Festive 'Christmas'

Photo Credit: Molly Mantlow

I'm one of those people that cannot stand the fact that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Christmas wares sharing store shelves and ad space with Halloween decorations? Artists releasing holiday music in October? Like, why?? It's not that I'm a Scrooge, I just typically don't start feeling any form of Christmas Spirit until my Thanksgiving meal has been digested. So when I heard that my favorite weirdos Louis York released visuals for "What Does Christmas Mean?," my knee-jerk reaction was an exasperated eye-roll. Et tu, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony??

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Then I watched the video....

And just like that, the sonic innovators have lifted the moratorium on my pre-December holiday cheer. Taken from their latest EP, Masterpiece Theater: Act III, the festive doo-wop ditty features Weirdo Workshop signees, The Shindellas. Chuck is holding down the keys as usual, giving us Schroeder vibes (a la A Charlie Brown Christmas) while Claude and the ladies joyfully slay the vocals. From their sparkling wardrobe (special shoutout to those catsuits, werk ladies!) to the seasonal dusting of snow, it's impossible not to get caught up in the mirthful glee of their performance.

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The duo describe the Jeremy Ryan-directed clip as, "Encompassing all things showbiz! Glitz, glam, expression, emotion, and a message built within the essence of the holidays. With the Shindellas we're here to welcome you into the Christmas spirit our way." They did that! Got me over here craving egg nog and what not. Give in to the holiday blitz and check the video for "What Does Christmas Mean?" below. By the way, if you're in search of stocking stuffers for the music lover in your life, the Masterpiece Theater EP trilogy is a safe bet.

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