Jazmine Sullivan & Bryson Tiller Move Into The Dunes And Have A Hella ‘Insecure’ Wine Down

Issa may have moved out of The Dunes on the season two finale of Insecure, but Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller have moved in. The pair have found a home in the infamous Inglewood, California apartment complex in the music video for their single “Insecure,” the theme song for the HBO dramedy.

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Much like the characters on Insecure, Jazmine and Bryson are having hella relationship problems with their respective baes. The video begins with an exterior shot of The Dunes before moving inside to Issa’s apartment. We see Jaz singing and emoting while sitting on the bed that Issa and Lawrence once shared. As she’s pouring her feelings out in song, she gets a text from her man who is sweating her whereabouts. She ignores his text and instead puts on her blonde freakum wig then joins in on a house party happening in the living room. The wine down is popping with a few Insecure co-stars in attendance, including Natasha Rothwell (Kelli), Amanda Seales (Tiffany) and Sarunas J. Jackson (Dro). Insecure creator and star Issa Rae even FaceTimes into the festivities before Jazmine receives a barrage of bugaboo-level texts.

While Sullivan is dealing with this dude blowing up her phone, Tiller is in the bathroom deep in his feels as he sings into the mirror. His guest spot is as brief as his verse, but in the short time he’s on screen we see his relationship drama play out. His lady arrives at the party and immediately catches Sarunas’s eye in the middle of his dominoes game. He rolls up on her and they start chit-chatting, causing old girl to ignore her phone and miss texts from Bryson who we see packing up his duffle bag in a huff and rolling out.

There’s more action in the video for “Insecure” that mirrors events and scenes from the second season of the popular sitcom. Fans of the series will appreciate this clip now that the show is on hiatus. While we wait for the third season of Insecure, we’ll continue to keep the season two soundtrack (and season two playlist) in heavy rotation with this song leading the way.

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