Snoh Aalegra Plays The ‘Fool For You’

Ever since she dropped the title track for her forthcoming FEELS project last year, we’ve been patiently waiting…and waiting…and waiting for our girl Snoh Aalegra to bless our ears with another stellar collection. Although she’s given us a scattering of amazing teasers in “Nothing Burns Like The Cold” and “Time” and a simmering remix of her Don’t Explain track “Home,” we were starting to wonder if FEELS would ever see the light of day. But a recent Twitter update has confirmed that our waiting has not been in vain; the album is coming next month!

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We’ve waited this long, so we can hold on for a few more weeks. Especially because she dropped a new single for us to snack on called “Fool For You.” The lush arrangement is sweet and warm as Snoh’s lithe vocals float over waves of bass, guitar and synth. Her vulnerability is palpable as she sings lines like, “I should run the other way, but I stay right here…I love you time and time again. I know just how the story ends.” With her unique brand of cinematic soul, she makes heartache sound enviable.

Listen to “Fool For You” below, purchase the track on iTunes ahead of the album release and keep up with Snoh Aalegra via Twitter and Instagram as she prepares to join Daniel Caesar across the United SStates and Canada on his sold out Freudian tour this fall.

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