Jessie J Gives Us Something To 'Think About' & Announces 'R.O.S.E.'

It seems Jessie J has something to get off her chest. The powerhouse singer has just announced her next album, R.O.S.E. (an acronym for Realizations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment), which is set to drop sometime in early 2018. As well, Jessie's dropped the follow-up to teaser track "Real Deal," with her latest single "Think About That." But be wary, this new joint isn't for the faint of heart.

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The song finds Jessie venting about someone who didn't have her best interests at heart — at least that's how she seems to feel. She never specifies that person's role in her life (or, for that matter, who this person is), instead offering context clues through thinly veiled barbs. "You wanna be famous / Say it, you wanna be famous / Use all my juice / Was thirsty as f**k / Always late, always faded," she sings at one point. The lyrics seem to mirror tabloid rumors that the singer split with ex Luke James because he was using her for her fame. However, seeing as Jessie dispelled those rumors soon after they broke up and even popped up at the London screening of Luke's film The New Edition Story this surely couldn't be about him, right? Melodrama aside, it's a side of Jessie we haven't seen before, which is helped along by DJ Camper's minimal production. He only provides the singer with a moving piano melody and stark percussion, allowing her a space to delve deeper into her emotions and innermost thoughts.

Her video for the track mirrors the song's minimalist approach. The black-and-white clip gives us nothing but Jessie J as the singer lets out her anguish while rocking her fair share of revealing outfits. As she struts, stomps and writhes on the set, the intensity of her performance builds and builds until the final release at the song's end. Once she's done baring her truth, she does an about-face to the camera and lets us watch as she walks away.

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We must say, it looks like Jessie J didn't come to play this go-'round. Check out the video for "Think About That" and join us in speculating who exactly she's talking to. Once you're done with that, hope below to check out her video letting us know what to expect from R.O.S.E.

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