Will Downing & Avery*Sunshine Are 'Feeling The Love' As He Announces The Release Of His 20th Album, 'Soul Survivor'

A certain sense of pride comes with knowing that you're really, really good at something. If you happen to actually enjoy doing the thing that you're really, really good at – day in, day out, year after year – well, that's something worth celebrating. And with this year marking his 30th anniversary in the music biz, "celebrate" is exactly what R&B singer Will Downing plans to do with the upcoming release of a new project titled Soul Survivor.

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The announcement of this 20th studio album is a pleasant surprise for fans who still have last year's Black Pearls queued in their playlists. Given Mr. Downing's track record as the Prince of Sophisticated Soul, we already know this will be another timeless addition to his catalogue. But just to make sure he has our attention, he's released "I'm Feeling The Love," a solid R&B arrangement featuring our girl Avery*Sunshine with breezy background harmonies layered over rhythmic bass and guitar.

The track speaks of finding a special kind of love that can make you forget about all the hurts in the past. Will further describes the song as "my anthem for anyone that has been in and out of love...a song about renewed spirit." Unsurprisingly, the Shanachie labelmates' voices fit together like a hand in glove. Will stays in the upper register of his baritone scale as he recalls his cynicism towards matters of the heart. Avery counters with warm, honey-coaed vocals, confessing her own initial apprehensions. Luckily, they both decide to give love another try. As they invitingly serenade each other with promises of devotion like, "Baby, I have the magic key to open your closed door / Meet me halfway so we can both explore /Ain't no need to rush I want to take my time / Getting to know your body and your mind," this romantic groove has got us "feeling the love" in a mighty way.

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Listen below, download your copy via iTunes and stay tuned for more previews from Soul Survivor ahead of its September 22nd release. In the meantime, connect with Will Downing and view his current performance schedule via his website. You should also check out his recent feature on Eric Roberson's Wind EP.

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