Luke James Makes A Splash With ‘Drip’

Someone must have sent Luke James a “hey big head” text because he’s coming back on the music scene with a vengeance. He’s been teasing fans with images and lyrics from his new song “Drip” on Instagram all week, and overnight the New Orleans-native released the track with a sexy lyric video to match.

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“Drip” features a soulful sound bed of wailing guitar, funky bass and live drums that serve as the foundation for Luke to let his soul glow and falsetto fly. The track delivers ’70s realness, ’80s Prince sensuality and Childish Gambino “Redbone” flavor all in one sexy chocolate-covered package. The song smolders with suggestive lyrics about pleasing a woman that Luke sings so sweetly that you’ll be caught up in the rapture by the time you realize exactly what he’s singing about.

There’s no mistaking what Mr. James wants to make “Drip” in the lyric video, though. The clip focuses on Luke’s lips and muscular upper body, making for a visually stimulating experience as the lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen. (Good luck focusing on anything other than Luke, to be honest.) James takes an occasional toke, but we’re the ones getting lifted just looking multiple computer-generated images of him on the screen. We can’t imagine what Luke is going to do for the actual music video for “Drip,” but we’ll be impatiently waiting to see more (ahem) of him.

When he’s not busy making it “Drip,” Luke James is likely putting the finishing touches on his sophomore effort, Joy. Take your time and do it right, Luke. We’ll just be sitting here listening to “Drip” and watching the lyric video on repeat until it arrives. If you’re as moved as we are, you can cop “Drip” from your favorite digital retailer now.

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