Lizzo Quenches Our Thirst With ‘Water Me’

We live for Lizzo. The singer/songwriter/voluptuous vixen is as inspiring as she is entertaining. She’s all about body positivity and enthusiastically flaunts her curves, rolls and dimples and doesn’t GAF if anyone doesn’t like it because she loves it. So do her many fans and followers who dig her style and substance. Now they have something else to dig into with the first taste of new music since the release of the Coconut Oil EP last October. Lizzo delivers another empowering anthem with the single “Water Me” and drives the message home with its accompanying music video.

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From the artwork for ‘Water Me,” featuring a nude Lizzo lounging in a milk bath, it’s clear that this isn’t any ordinary song. This is Lizzo after all. The Ricky Reed-produced track begins with a piano-driven intro as she belts the chorus, “I am free / Yeah, yeah / Come water me / Oh, oh / Love your soul / But if you don’t, I have to leave.” In a brief interview with The FADER, Lizzo stated that “Water Me” is “about needing nourishment, it’s about being loved for who you are.”

For the “Water Me” video, Lizzo and her creative team (Andy Madeline and directors Quinn Wilson and Asha Efia) came up with a concept to celebrate “Black beauty and the meaningful freedom of water,” according to the singer. Both are showcased equally in the clip in scenes featuring a mother giving her infant son a bath, a woman washing her natural hair in the bathtub, a toned young man (played by Lizzo’s brother) dripping with sweat while taking a run and our girl, of course, serving face, hair and body throughout. The visual starts with Lizzo boiling something on the stove and ends with her surrounded by her co-stars at the dinner table. With her crown of hair and strapless gown, though, she serving up more than candied yams.

Obey your thirst for new Lizzo and get into the “Water Me” audio and video right here.

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