Ledisi Has A Message For Men In 'Add To Me'

This week, Team SoulBounce had the pleasure of attending Ledisi's listening event for her upcoming album Let Love Rule, where she rocked the house something proper with a few selections from the album. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience. However, for those of you who weren't able to enjoy the same experience, Ledisi takes care of you with her new single "Add To Me."

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Ledisi is getting fellas together on the track, letting them know that they need to bring more than just kisses, sweet caresses and "I love yous" to the table. "I need some relation / Good conversation / Gimme stimulation / What's your motivation," she sings on the chorus. "How you gonna add to me?" As Led makes it pretty plain as she talks about really, truly building, she rides a mid-tempo R&B groove that is driven by heavy-hitting drums and instrumental stabs that accentuate her already powerhouse vocals. Basically, "Add To Me" has all the makings to be an anthem for all the ladies.

“I was thinking about relationships,” Ledisi said in a statement about the song. “To men, women should act like, ‘We’re independent and self-sufficient. We’re going to make it happen with or without you. So, If you’re going to be here, add to my situation. I know I’m going to add to yours.’ Anyone that you are with, the question should be how are they going to add to you? Most women want a great man that enhances who we are.”

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Let the church say amen! Give "Add To Me" a spin below and look out for Let Love Rule — which is available for pre-order on iTunes — on September 22nd.

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