Keyshia Cole Comes To Terms With Her Heart On ‘Incapable’

Keyshia Cole isn’t a stranger to public drama or heartbreak. The singer was one of the first stars of the reality show generation. We watched her grow up on Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Now we’re watching the trials and tribulations of a grown ass woman on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as she deals with a live-in soon-to-be-ex-husband. What seems like the setup for a great sitcom isn’t that great when it’s your real life. However, it is a good setup for great music. While it might seem like Cole is giving us another sad love song, we’re more than willing to bend our ears when doing bad sounds as good as it does on “Incapable.”

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Written by Cole and singer/songwriter Elijah Blake, “Incapable” is a ballad about coming to terms with the fact that the one you want just isn’t the one for you. To express her heartache, Cole uses an old school sound blending blues, gospel and even a little country and lyrics that feel personal yet poetic. She kicks off the song with a come to Jesus verse, lamenting, “It’s time to grow up / I embarrassed myself enough / ‘Cause I wouldn’t leave you / Even my family know the truth, yeah.” The sound bed, composed of organ, bass guitar, drums and a few other instruments that wouldn’t be out of place in a church band, works perfectly to bring Cole’s pain to life.

“Incapable” will be featured on Keyshia Cole’s upcoming album seventh album, 11:11 Reset. While the first single “You” with Remy Ma and French Montana didn’t quite wow us, this song gives us pain, passion and drama we’ve come to know, love and expect from Frankie’s baby girl. Check out Keyshia’s latest below, and, if her life is really this dramatic, add her to your prayer lists.

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