Justine Skye Keeps Us Coming ‘Back For More’

It’s been a minute since singer/songwriter/actress/model Justine Skye released her EP 8 Ounces last yearNow she’s back with a new a single and video, and it’s clear that she didn’t come to play.

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On the track “Back for More,” which features vocals from singer Jeremih on the hook, the Roc Nation star warns her lover that he better get it together before she gets gone. “You don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone / You don’t take me serious until I’m done,” she sweetly sings, but you know that she means business. Her lyrics come to life in the accompanying music video directed by Grizz Lee.

We see Justine cuddled up and snapping selfies in bed with singer/actor Rotimi of the STARZ series Power. From the looks of things in the beginning, it’s as if the two are heading toward romantic bliss, as he confesses his love for her and his intention to not “mess this up.” In between shots of Justine giving face on the steps of a brownstone and frolicking throughout the Brooklyn neighborhood where the video was shot, we catch sexy glimpses of the seemingly loving couple.

However, for some reason, things take a turn for the worst. Suddenly, Justine hears those dreaded words, “We should just be friends,” from her beau with little explanation for the sudden change of heart. Instead of pressing him for answers, she sternly orders him out of her car and vows to never speak to him again. There isn’t much protest from Rotimi, which could explain why she is able to bounce back so quickly. In the next frame, we watch as she drives to the beach with a suitcase full of photos and tosses them in the water, saying goodbye to him and those memories forever.

“I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a situation where a certain ex or person finds their way back in your life,” said Skye regarding her new single. “I’ve realized that it’s not about dwelling over it and overthinking.” As for her co-star, it seems their work together didn’t require much thinking either. She says, “Shooting this video with Rotimi was so much fun. It was basically improv and we just fed off of each other.” The chemistry between the two was certainly obvious, and we can’t help but wonder if there is more to come from the two. Professionally, that is.

Check out the video for Justine Skye’s catchy, summertime single “Back For More” below, and be sure to keep up with her and all her moves on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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