Don’t Be ‘Cruel’ To BOSCO

We’re less than two weeks away from the premiere of BOSCO‘s newest project b. and based on the tracks we’ve heard so far – “Castles” and “Adrenaline” – it’s sounding like the album will be another highlight in what has been a great year for Bounce-Worthy music. But for those of you who aren’t yet convinced, the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter just dropped a hazy groove called “Cruel” that is sure to silence any doubts.

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With canny production by NEVR, the downtempo jam captivates the listener with unrelenting waves of synth, stretched-out harmonic chords, and understated-but-still-funky bass. BOSCO’s vocals ebb and flow from breathy coos to soulful entreaties as she serenades the object of her affectionate desires. The aching chorus further hooked us with her unexpected flip of Bobby Brown‘s hit “Don’t Be Cruel.”

In a recent PAPER Magazine interview, BOSCO admits, “Of course. ‘Cruel’ was inspired by Bobby Brown. It was a song that I remember my mom listening to in the ’90s, riding in the back of her Honda Civic, so I kinda pull inspiration from that. But I guess the core of the song is realizing what things are and being mature enough to know what it is.”

BOSCO’s “Cruel” is anything but. Listen below, then purchase your copy. Better yet, just pre-order the album b. available via Fool’s Gold now. New York Bouncers have us feeling a bit jealous as they’ll have two major opportunities to hear BOSCO perform selections from the new project this Thursday, August 3rd when she performs for Sonos and VAIN NY. Connect with the artist on Twitter and the Gram for other upcoming performances and catch her turn as Guest Culture Editor in the current edition of Creative Loafing.

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