Big Boi & Trozé Indulge Our Sweet Tooth With A Little ‘Chocolate’

When we first heard Big Boi’s “Chocolate” featuring Trozé, we knew the video would be a treat. Of course, Daddy Fat Saxxx is never one to disappoint, and he indulges us with some candy-coated images of booties wiggling and asses jiggling.

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The video opens with an amusing skit featuring our leading man in disguise in a horrible wig and barely-glued on mustache as a Lyft driver getting a little too comfortable with his female customers on their way to the Big Boi video shoot. It’s a welcome distraction and palette cleanser before the clip really begins and the chocolate starts flowing. Literally. The ladies in the clip are covered from head to toe in that sweet, sticky stuff while shaking what their momma gave ‘em. Meanwhile, Big Boi is getting his two-step on with his son Bamboo and frequent partner in crime Sleepy Brown. Oh! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the cameo by one of the adorable French pitbulls from Big Boi’s Unbelievable Bulldogs kennel who does his best lip-synching on the chorus.

While more Nestle than Godiva, the video for “Chocolate” is a somewhat expected and not quite as imaginative as the clips for Big Boi’s previous singles, “Mic Jack” and “Kill Jill.” However, you really don’t need much more to make the visual for this groove to work and there is eye candy aplenty.

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