Ledisi Continues To Get Us ‘High’ With A Stripped-Down Lyric Video

We haven’t gotten a new album from Ledisi since 2014’s The Truth, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t feenin’ like Jodeci for something new. This is especially true after the songstress unexpectedly dropped off her single “High” this past May. The track is a jam and a half that has us anticipating what Ms. Ledisi has been cooking up in the studio for us. Alas, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get concrete word on what’s coming up, but we don’t have to wait for another dose of Ledisi thanks to the recently released lyric video for “High.”

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Unlike many lyric videos, we actually get a live-action dose of Led in the clip. She poses throughout the four-minute clip as the song’s lyrics flash on the right side of the screen. The framing isn’t completely random though. Led gleaned inspiration for the images after a recent visit to Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum. “I was inspired by the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA and I participated in a screen test display,” she said about the process. “You had to sit there for 5 minutes and just BE.” The screen test seems appropriate, especially sing “High” is all about finding that space inside yourself that allows you to open up and accept love. Ledisi practically glows throughout the stripped down clip and emanates a grown woman beauty and peacefulness that you can see from the screen. We for sure ain’t mad at it one bit.

“High” is the first single from what we’re hoping is a brand new project from the singer, though she’s been very coy with the details. Check out the lyric video below to see the many angles of Ledisi.

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