Louis York Continue To Take A Stand With ‘Nerds’

Louis York has released a couple visuals from their most recent release, Masterpiece Theater Act II, for the songs “Don’t Play” and “Hipsters.” But for their latest music video, the fellas throw it back to their debut, Masterpiece Theater – Act I, to bring the single “Nerds” to life.

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Weirdo Workshop creators Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony blow the dust off of the anthemic power ballad that originally surfaced in 2015. Lucky for us there’s no expiration date on good music, and the message contained in the song is still very relevant in these times. According to Kelly, “’Nerds’ isn’t just a song, it’s a call to action. We had to make sure the visual was equally as powerful. We all feel a little nerdy at times and it helps to have a song that reminds you that you are okay being who you are.”

The music video for “Nerds” follows the searing lyric video that was more sociopolitical in nature. For the official clip, we follow a cute-as-a-button young girl as she navigates elementary school. She roams the packed halls by herself, sits by herself in the cafeteria at lunchtime and leads a pretty lonely existence in a building full of people. She finds solace in a utility closet with her headphones keeping her company as she envisions herself in a glittery outfit and seemingly happy for once. The scene and the song’s intro fade out, and we then see why the girl is so dressed up and so happy. She’s a dancer and comes alive with every spin, twirl, kick and movement. She’s in her zone without a care in the world while Claude belts out the tune and Chuck plays keys.

Louis York doesn’t totally leave the sociopolitical behind in this video. Footage of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, marches, protests and police brutality flashes on the ground while the girl dances. Kelly gives more insight into the narrative. “Standing up for what you believe in can be scary and this video let’s all the weirdoes know that we are right there with them, wondering if we’re making our heroes proud and trying to figure out how to be better for ourselves and the world.”

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Kudos to Kelly and Harmony for using their music and platform for good as they continue to be change agents and create content that entertains, inspires, educates and uplifts. Allow the “Nerds” music video to light up your day and add the Masterpiece Theater – Act I track to your collections if it isn’t there already.

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