Mali Music Shows Us That Everything’s ‘Gonna Be Alright’

Tune into the “Throwback Hour” with Mali Music in his new music video for the single “Gonna Be Alright.” Mali goes retro for the clip, rocking flip-up sunglasses that would make A Different World‘s Dwayne Wayne proud and air-brushed gear that was in style back in the ’90s on a graffiti-filled set straight out of a DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince video.

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The scenes to follow feature the singer/songwriter/musician taking on various roles in classic sitcoms with a modern Mali twist. Married with Children becomes Mali with Kids complete a dysfunctional interracial family, while Martin evolves into Mali with the artist recreating the colorful opening credits. Mali then sits down for an interview segment on a channel similar to CNN with the breaking news headline proclaiming “It’s gonna be alright.” Meanwhile, he recites the song’s lyrics as his fellow talking heads run off at the mouth.

Mali even throws it back a bit further to the ’70s with a nod to The Brady Brunch, but instead of telling the story of a blended family he shows the smiling multicultural faces of The Millennials. The video ends with a message that reads “The future is bright” on the TV screen, and we have to agree that Mali Music’s future is indeed bright. The Transition of Mali hits stores in a matter of days on Friday, June 2nd and can be pre-ordered on AmazoniTunes and Google Play now.

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