Kiah Victoria Knows You’d Better ‘Treat’ Her Right Or Else

Sometimes the only thing to mend a broken heart is the knowledge that you’re better off alone. When there’s a healthy dose of self-love involved, it is easy to chalk the loss up and keep it moving. That’s exactly the sentiment behind Kiah Victoria‘s latest single, “Treat Me.”

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In the song, she questions how her ex could treat her as anything less than royalty. “I don’t understand why you treat me like you treat me / Brother don’t you know you’re in the presence of a real queen,” she sings with her voice brimming with confidence. When he comes crawling back, she basically pays him dust and sends him on his way once again. “This song is about those people who don’t respect your time, your love, your spirit,” she explained in a statement. “It’s about recognizing that in spite of that, you are in fact the shit.” While it would be easy to for her to wallow around in a pool of bitterness, the bounce back is a lot quicker as you realize that it’s the wrongdoer’s loss and not your own. Of course, knowing this may not make it hurt any less; however, “Treat Me” captures the pure joy that comes along with recognizing when someone isn’t worth your time or tears.

“Treat Me” is the follow-up to Kiah’s debut EP, Everybody, which dropped last fall. As with the EP, she continues to prove that she is clear in who she is and the message she wants to deliver, making it easy to figure out why VEVO crowned her one of their Ones to Watch last year. If these first few releases are any indication, this young lady has the self-awareness and talent to continue to deliver in the long run.

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