CAZZETTE & JONES Strike ‘Gold’

Swedish duo CAZZETTE are best known for their EDM songs that fill dance floors worldwide. On their latest single “Handful of Gold,” however, duo members Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer have decided to switch things up and mellow their music out with the help of Bounce-Worthy darling JONES. The collaboration blends her soulful pop vocals and heartfelt songwriting with CAZZETTE’s electronic music style, which they matched to her voice instead of making her voice fit their normal production. The result is a song that makes JONES the focus and allows her to shine, which she also does in the music video — quite literally.

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JONES has our full attention for the “Handful of Gold” visual. For the duration of the clip, we watch her as she sings and revolves around. It may sound like a simple video treatment but not when the singer is covered in gold glitter. However, the glitter enhances JONES’ beauty instead of overpowering it. Director Jon Stone Video‘s camera loves JONES as spins about for over three minutes. The glitter, JONES’ fluid movements and the play of darkness and light with the lighting make this an enjoyable watch to match the chill vibe of the track.

“Handful of Gold” featuring JONES will be one of the tracks found on CAZZATTE’s upcoming EP, Time, to be released on July 7th.

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