Get A Sneak Peek Of The Return Of 'The Get Down' With Two Music Videos

We're counting down the days until the April 7th return of Netflix series The Get Down. The Part One finale left us pondering the fates of Ezekiel "Zeke/Books" Figuero (Justice Smith), Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola), Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore) and the rest of the crew, so we're itching to see how the continuing drama will unfold. But the intersecting plot lines aren't the only attraction — we're completely hooked on the music as well. Though they've already teased us with a meaty trailer for Part Two, it seems the folks over at Netflix took the hint, because they're finally giving us a taste of the new music to come with videos for "Break The Locks" and "I'll Keep My Light In My Window."

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After winning the DJ battle, The Get Down Brothers appear to have stepped up their game even further on "Break The Locks." With a bold new graffitied backdrop and upgraded DJ equipment, Books, Dizzee (Jaden Smith), Boo-Boo (T.J. Brown, Jr.), Ra-Ra (Skylan Brooks) and Shao hypnotize the crowd with their choreographed moves, frenetic rhymes and infectious beats. Even reformed Savage Warlord member Napoleon (Jason Genao) gets in on the act. As they chant, "We had to break the locks, we fought our way up to the top," the high-energy performance proves that no one cold rocks a party like The GDB Crew.

Meanwhile, in a TV studio across town, Mylene and her BFF's The Soul Madonnas (Stefanée Martin and Shyrley Rodriguez) make their official television debut on hit show Platinum Boogie with new single "I'll Keep My Light In My Window." Like their music (which straddles the fence between gospel and disco), the trio looks temptingly chaste clad in milky chiffon dresses accessorized with scarlet red lips. With a little help from a snowy-robed choir, Mylene woos the audience with her honeyed vocals and effervescent charm. She even earns an approving smile from her strict father (Giancarlo Esposito), though it quickly turns upside-down. But from the looks of things – Mama Cruz and uncle/daddy Papa Fuerte's (Zabryna Guevara and Jimmy Smits) scandalous secret, Jackie Moreno and Roy Asheton's (Kevin Corrigan and Eric Bogosian) fight for control of her career, and Cadillac's (Yahya Abdul-Mateen) libido – Pastor Cruz's frown will be the least of her troubles.

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Peep the videos below and get ready to binge-watch Part Two of The Get Down when it premieres on Netflix this weekend. For kicks, visit the RCA Records website to peep their clever promotion of "I'll Keep My Light In My Window." The single is currently available for purchase through major digital retailers. As for "Break The Locks" and the rest of the Part Two soundtrack, we'll just have to wait until the official release on April 14th. Until then, download the Ddeluxe version of the original soundtrack and keep up with The Get Down on Twitter and Instagram.

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