Trey Songz Regrets His Playboy Ways In ‘Nobody Else But You’

From K. Michelle to Bobby Brown to Cardi B. to your fave who ain’t quite doing it like they used to, reality shows have become a great promotional tool for new artists and seasoned professionals alike. However, we were kind of surprised when Trey Songz released a trailer for his own reality show web series, Tremaine The Playboy. Well, not surprised as much as dumbfounded by the potential drama of yet another hood matchmaker show. However, it was soon revealed that this was just a spoof on the reality show trope. Instead, Mr. Neverson has weaved a more interesting tale of a shattered playboy who isn’t quite looking for love as much as he’s trying to cope with love lost. The truth behind this strange fiction is made plain the video for Trey’s latest single, “Nobody Else But You.”

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“Nobody Else But You” is a contemplative ballad that finds our hero trying to balance being a ladies man while falling deeply in love with one woman. The lyrics relay a conversation Trey is having with himself about the object of both his affection and consternation, questioning, “Looking in the mirror like, ain’t you scared to lose her? / Why you acting like another man wouldn’t choose her?”

The video for the song is a cut scene from the reality show. Here, we see Trey Songz surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women pining for his affection. Meanwhile, Trey’s mind is somewhere else, thinking about his recent break up with the woman he really loves, played by singer Kreesha Turner. While the clip gives us the gist of the situation, you need to watch the latest episode of Tremaine The Playboy to get the whole story. Thankfully, the clip is worth watching for the humorous take on reality shows like The Bachelor and Flavor of Love.

The video features a hilarious routine by hosts Draya Michelle and Steelo Brim as they lay down the details of the series and the introduction of the contestants. However, after the roses have been passed out, the champagne poured and the party started, we see the twist in the story. The series flashes back to six months earlier, where we get the details of Trey’s breakup with his girlfriend. Trey tries to sneak into bed after being out all night, but Kreesha isn’t here for the shenanigans, asking Trey is it really that hard just to send a text to let her know what’s up, to which Trey responds with a gas face. By the end of the episode, Trey finally gets with the program and starts entertaining one of the beautiful young ladies in the room.

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The story continues every Thursday at 9 p.m. on and for the next few weeks, leading up to the release of Trey Songz’s new project, Tremaine The Album, dropping March 24th and available for pre-order now. Each episode promises both scripted hijinks and new music from Mr. Songz. Check out the video and the first episode below.

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