Trey Songz Just Can’t Shake His ‘Playboy’ Ways

Singer, songwriter and potential old man in the club, Trey Songz is on a mission to shed his playa ways. While his last official album, Trigga, celebrated Trey’s larger than life ladies man personality, his upcoming project, Tremaine the Album, will be about finding love for real. To help promote the album, Trey has created a reality dating show web series, Tremaine The Playboy, with a new episode and song premiering each week, leading up to the album’s release on March 24th. On the last episode, Trey was lamenting the loss of his girlfriend, played by Kreesha Turner, in the video for the song “Nobody Else But You.” This week, Trey is still in his feelings, trying to make sense of why he continues to be a “Playboy.”

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Produced by Rico Love, “Playboy” is another contemplative ballad that finds the heartthrob trying to reconcile between what he thinks he wants in his life and what he really needs. The answer, of course, is that he wants to give up his philandering ways and be faithful to just one woman. However, his lifestyle just won’t let him settle down. Against a ’90s-esque soundbed that sounds a bit like a slow jam from Blackstreet’s first LP, Trey wonders why he’s, “Still kissing girls that I don’t love / Still stumbling out of these clubs / Still I’m just so hard to trust.”

The video for the song finds Trey entertaining the ladies over lavish meals, shopping trips and hosting a slumber party in his boudoir. However, while the T&A is plentiful, Trey is still rocking the quintessential sad R&B singer face, thinking about all the good times with his former boo. The clip ends with Trey waking up and kissing a picture of him with his ex.

While the latest episode of Tremaine The Playboy provides some colorful commentary from the contestants, it isn’t must see TV. No one was kicked off, no one got into a fight and no one took an unexpected poop on the stairs or gave us any of the other tropes we’ve come to expect from our favorite reality dating shows. Yeah, we can do without some of that, but we’d like it if Trey pushed the envelope a little more and made the ladies more than window dressing in the spoof. Here’s hoping things get more interesting next week.

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“Playboy” should please Trey’s fans who are eagerly awaiting his first official album since 2014. To pre-order Tremaine The Album, or to catch new episodes of the show, visit

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