Lizzo Is Feeling Herself In ‘Scuse Me’

Alternative hip-hop maven and self-love ambassador Lizzo is upgrading your “go out and slay” playlist again. Her new single “Scuse Me” from her major label debut Coconut Oil is perfect primping music. A final touches and last looks anthem, “Scuse Me” is tailor-made for confident queens everywhere.

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Still a work in progress? Lizzo is, too. Coconut Oil is designed to help everyone get right. Rolling Stone recently shared the musician’s stoked empowerment perspective: “Coconut Oil is the ultimate ode to self-care and to my process. I’m not there yet, but I’m creating my music so I can get there.”

Directors Quinn Wilson and Asha Maurathe have created a complete extension of the track’s “over here being excellent” vibes. The opening takes us to church where we find high spirits rocking both the pulpit and congregation. Yes, the good pastor is preaching Lizzo’s lyrics as his sermon. “I don’t see nobody else / ‘Scuse me while I feel myself,” is his passionate message. In an interview with Refinery29, she explains these playful, pass-the-collection-plate scenes’ significance: “I think that there’s a lot of worship that goes into when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.” Preach, Lizzo!

Host of MTV’s music performance show Wonderland, Lizzo uses all of her platforms to herald the modern woman’s experience. Wilson and Maurathe honor her allegiance with flirty fantasyland scenes featuring a tribe of curvy goddesses, including plus-sized blogger/fashion designer Gabi Fresh. Lizzo and the ladies serve up every mirror pose necessary to get a girl from shower to showstopper status. Together, the track and video make for a lot of beautiful fun. And we think that’s the point.

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