Jidenna Sings About His Dear ‘Bambi’ Ahead Of ‘Chief’ Release

Just when we thought we’d heard the last of Jidenna before his debut is released, the “Classic Man” rapper-singer is back to drop off one more new track for your listening pleasure. “Bambi” is the latest listen we’re getting from The Chief , and it’s showing us a side of Jidenna that we definitely haven’t heard before.

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“Bambi” is, well, different. Musically, it sounds like a mashup between a ’50s doo-wop track and a trap song with a dash of reggae for good measure. And, rather than rap, Jidenna takes on the role of crooner as he weaves a story and apology to his dear love Bambi. As hi-hats rattle off and steel drums provide a lullaby-like melody, Jidenna sings passionately about someone who appears to almost be the love of his life. The song progresses through the course of the relationship, from infatuation to her eventually growing tired of his ways, with Jidenna spouting, “I got the wedding invitation baby / I’m happy that he wants to make a family / But I cannot promise that I won’t run up in the church there screaming your name, baby / No one can take you from me, Bambi.”

Though Jidenna’s timeless love seems to be star-crossed, it looks as if his fans can express their love for their boy J right now, as The Chief is now available for pre-order via iTunes ahead of its February 17th release. But before you go, stream “Bambi” below.

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