Bell Biv DeVoe Take ‘I’m Betta’ To The Streets Of Boston

The epic New Edition miniseries, The New Edition Story, premieres tonight on BET and NE fans worldwide can’t wait to see the group’s story play out on our small screens over the next three nights. Tonight’s installment will chronicle New Edition’s humble beginnings in the projects of Boston and their ascent to teen dream stardom. The fellas of New Edition have come a long way from their early days of struggle, but they’ve never forgotten where they came from and still rep their hometown every chance they get. Group members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe recently returned to Beantown to premiere The New Edition Story for diehard local fans and do press. While they were in town, they decided to multitask and shoot the music video for their latest Bell Biv DeVoe single, “I’m Betta.”

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A little snow and freezing temperatures didn’t stop the fellas of BBD from taking it to the streets and filming outside in the elements around the city that made them. Scenes of the trio singing in a subway station and in falling snow are blended in with footage of them at the miniseries screening and being interviewed on the radio. For a song about convincing a woman that she needs to cut the zero she’s with and get with a hero who’ll do her better, there’s only a little interaction with the opposite sex when we see Mike Biv kicking his game and spitting his bars to a honey dip as she walks by. It would have been great to see some type of visual narrative to accompany this track, but we’ll just tune into The New Edition Story to get our dramatic fix.

Before we’re all consumed with New Edition mania for the next three days, take some time to watch Bell Biv DeVoe’s “I’m Betta” video and pre-order their new album Three Stripes on iTunes (where you’ll get insta-downloads of “I’m Betta” and previous singles “Run” and “Finally”), Amazon or Google Play.

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