James Fauntleroy Gives Us More Heat With 'Warmest Winter II'


While 2016 continued to be a Grinch by taking another beloved musical icon far too soon (we'll miss you, George), we can't deny that the year has also yielded a bumper crop of new music from our faves and newcomers alike. One person who we're always happy to get new music from is consummate singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy. The man behind many of your favorite hits (no, seriously) decided to give us all a Christmas gift with the follow-up to his The Warmest Winter Ever, smartly titled Warmest Winter II. The SoundCloud-released EP picks up on the holiday love vibe of the first, making sure to keep things sexy through the cold days to come.

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"Body Heat" leads the set off as James makes a plea to his sweetheart to help him keep warm in the best way possible. The track is minimalist in its approach, with the singer's beatboxing providing the beat as layer upon layer of his vocals create the melody for a smooth come on that's sure to get things popping. "Spiritual Gift" follows, with bass and synth pairing with James' unique voice quite nicely as he sings about a special gift that he can feel in his soul. Then the instrumental suddenly reverses as James sings further before the track ends. Stripped down "Is It Morning Yet?" continues in the vein of "Body Heat," both in subject matter and style, as he lets his lady know he can't wait to unwrap his gift over his own beatboxing and layered vocals. "It Rains Everywhere," meanwhile, is the most produced track on the EP, with James describing a beautiful day as the music plays and eventually slows to halt as he harmonizes. Final track "Christmas Lights" caps things off with James getting sentimental as he requests a little lovin' to help end the night among his signature stacked vocals.

With only four more days left in the year, allow James Fauntleroy to help you end things on a high note with Warmest Winter II.

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