Navasha Daya Reminds Us That 'It's Still About Freedom'


Waking up this morning to news that that guy will actually be the next leader of the Free World was pretty much like involuntarily participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. And as mentioned before, we have all basically been going through the motions of the day in a state-of-shock and utter confusion as we try to figure out how we arrived at this point. Even the most menial of tasks seemed difficult as much of the country has tried to decide where do we go from here. If you're like us, you've been trying to figure out what are the next steps to take while also trying to find the slightest sliver of hope to keep on keeping on. In comes Navasha Daya to the rescue with her latest single and video, "It's Still About Freedom."

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The song, which was actually released back in July, finds the former Fertile Ground frontwoman reminding us that, even in the dreariest of times, freedom is still the end goal. Written, produced and composed by her husband and creative partner Fanon Hill, the song provides hope and encouragement at a time when it's difficult to find any. With its roots reggae vibe, it's hard to remain down-and-out as Navasha sings, "Freedom is like your very first kiss, over and over again / Freedom is like a victory lap that has no end / Some enslave, some break treatise, some dichotomize / Freedom people agitate, resist and organize / Freedom people manifest higher vision / Ooh yeah (vision, vision) / Uproot territorial division."

The fact that this song was clearly released long before the actual election took place makes it and its accompanying video that much more poignant as we face this very uncertain future. However, the video provides comfort and the drive to push through as Navasha, face painted and locs flowing, looks right into the camera while reminding you that freedom is still a possibility if you're willing to do the work. Directed by Toroes Thomas, who also directed her last video, "Don't U Know (Band Remix)," the video mixes in scenes of Navasha dancing with the faces of the hopeful looking toward the sky while searching for a solution.

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While the video does little to change the reality of the day, we hope it lights a fire under everyone for the fight we're about the face. So buckle up, batten down the hatches and brace yourselves as we prepare for the ultimate fight for freedom. At least we'll have a good soundtrack to comfort us in these trying times.

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