JoJo & Remy Ma Keep It All The Way Real In ‘FAB.’


JoJo wasn’t playing around when she dropped her long awaited album Mad Love. earlier this year, dropping saucy and direct songs like “F*** Apologies,” “Mad Love.” and “FAB.” to show us how she’s grown before giving us the whole shebang back in October. She’s also used the album’s videos to assert that she’s a full-grown woman and continues to do so with her latest, a clip for the fake friend anthem “FAB.”

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“FAB.,” which is an acronym for “fake a** b*****” and not short for fabulous, finds JoJo calling out the fake friends who never seem to be around when things get rough but are almost always there to smile in your face and stab you in the back. In the video, she decides to stand alone while she speaks her piece about so-called “friends.” While she stomps her way through New York City, track guest Remy Ma reigns over an empty lot as she lets all these chicks know that they aren’t her BFF or bestie — and if they think otherwise they get the hell on. There’s more than enough attitude as the two ladies look into the camera with the most intense of looks as they make their case plain: either be a real one or get the f**k on.

“FAB.” is but one of the new tracks that can be found on Mad Love. Check out the clip below and pick up the album from your favorite digital retailer now.

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