There'll Be No 'Cryin'' When You Ride With Mali Music & Lincoln MKZ


There's nothing like listening to your favorite tunes in the car and Lincoln Motor Company is proving just that with their second installment of Lincoln First Listen. This time they take us on a ride with musician and producer Mali Music. Following the formula of their first ride with V. Bozeman, the Lincoln team joins Mali on his musical journey and provides him with SiriusXM The Heat's personality Dion "Deezy" Summers as his sidekick.

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So far, "Digital" is the only song Mali has released in full from his new album, The Contradiction of Mali. However, Deezy visits Mali in the studio, where he gives us a special preview of his upcoming single "Cryin'." The track is a soulful, uplifting ditty anchored by his signature guitar. To hear and feel the single a little more, the two take the new track for a spin in the Lincoln MKZ and listen to it through the slick Revel system. "I feel like it's the optimal setting. A lot of times when I was coming up, I would test my mix in the has to work for people to really get it, spend some time with it and understand," Mali says in the video.

Mali goes into more detail about his music and inspiration, which started with the crackle of a record player, on Lincoln's website. The crooner is also getting his fashion game proper with the Lincoln team. Earlier this month, he joined Lincoln for RAGTRADE Atlanta, where he wore a custom suit designed by Detroit-based designer William Malcolm, which, for all branding's sake, was inspired by the Lincoln Continental.

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While we wait to hear the full version of "Cryin'," watch Mali and Deezy take the new single on the road in the Lincoln MKZ right here.

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