Kim Burrell & Pharrell Williams’ ‘Victory’ Is Sweet


While we are without a doubt anxious to see Hidden Figures this Christmas, we might be even more excited to get our hands on the soundtrack. Not only is it executive produced by Pharrell Williams, but it also features new music from him and a few of our faves. Last week, we got his single “Runnin'” as well as the Lalah Hathaway stunner “Surrender.” Now we get the studio version of gospel burner “I See A Victory,” featuring none other than vocal powerhouse Kim Burrell.

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We’re somewhat familiar with “I See A Victory” due to the mini-concert they delivered to introduce the masses to the movie’s music. However, now we  get to hear the song in its fully realized studio version. While Pharrell has flirted with gospel in his previous work, notably with the choir singing on the chorus of “Happy” and his remix of Kirk Franklin‘s “123 Victory,” Pharrell goes full-on gospel for the song, complete with sanctified guitar riffs, soul claps and, of course, Kim’s blessed voice to lead the way. Her voice booms as she assures us that, though others might not understand how, a victory is near if you put your faith in the Lord above. Surprisingly, Pharrell’s out-of-this-world vibe and the sound of old-time religion meshes together quite well, making this a praise-worthy collaboration.

Check out “I See A Victory” below and pick up the single from your digital retailer of choice right now.

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