Kevin Ross Goes The Distance With 'Long Song Away'


A common complaint with current R&B songs is that they are loveless. So few songs are romantic and make you want to grab your lover’s hand and slow dance anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Kevin Ross takes the R&B slow jam back to its poetic roots with his new song “Long Song Away.”

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“Long Song Away” is a timeless R&B song written with thought and care. “I know we live in the now / But we can set our own pace / Take my hand, we can slow dance / Slow dance to the radio,” Kevin sings, gently expressing his frustration with a relationship that's moving too fast. Set to simple production, you can feel Kevin’s emotion in each word as his soulful vocals touch your heart. You can imagine Ross and his love in a candlelit room allowing time to stop as he sings about being patient with love. After one listen, we guarantee you’ll be swaying to beat and wanting some quality time with someone special of your own.

This single only showcases an ounce of Kevin’s singing and songwriting talents, which we've previously heard on songs such as the socially conscious “Be Great” featuring Chaz French. Both tracks will be showcased on Kevin Ross' forthcoming EP, The Awakening, which will be released on October 28th.

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