SoulBounce Exclusive: Navasha Daya Reveals Sanguine Visuals For 'Don't U Know (Band Remix)'


Navasha Daya and her husband Fanon Hill make a wonderful pair in love, art and the fight for social justice. Earlier this year, the two collaborated on Lom Nava Love, a documentary which features Black families overcoming hardships, and its accompanying soundtrack, which features songs written by Hill and performed by Daya. While we have to wait until next month for the film's official debut in Baltimore, we have been loving the soundtrack all year long. Now Navasha Daya has given us a brand new visual for the "Band Remix" of soundtrack song "Don't U Know."

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The clip, directed by Toroes Thomas and with a story line and script supplied by Hill, tells a story of love and community that complements the song's lyrics perfectly. We first see a couple obviously in love enjoying a romantic afternoon picnic. This lovely moment is intercut with scenes of the male partner attempting to find employment, with the audience soon learning that a past conviction is the obstacle holding him back from finding a job. It seems that his dreams are dashed until he discovers a restorative justice program that gives him a new hope and new reason to celebrate with his love and their growing family. As the story unfolds, Navasha delivers a regal performance while draped in a fringed gown and necklaces as sunlight creates a glowing aura behind her.

The video ends with a profound quote from psychologist Randolph Potts, Ph. D., "We leave the toxic prison pipeline still branded socially and thirsty spiritually. Love can help wash away the brand and quench the thirst." It drives home both the political and romantic themes of the clip and leaves us with a bit of food for thought.

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Check out SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of the clip for "Don't U Know (Band Remix)" and be sure to pick up the Lom Nava Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) up on Bandcamp now.

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