Jamie Lidell Goes The Animated Route For 'Walk Right Back' Video


It seems that the animated video is once again all the rage. Artists, especially indie ones like KING and Thane (who just dropped an animated clip this week), seem to be taking to the medium and making it their own in lieu of the more traditional music video. The results have been extremely creative to say the least, bringing us interpretations that we couldn't have thought of. Now, Jamie Lidell joins the animated ranks with the video for "Walk Right Back."

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Created by Leolyxx, the clip is crafted to evoke a child's first memories. The visual artist, who shares the common experience of being a first-time father with Jamie, achieves this by creating a constantly morphing stream of rudimentary shapes and solid colors. We see houses, trees, buildings, pets and people through the eyes of an imaginative child. The effect is quite trippy, but surprisingly also a bit comforting as the simplicity and repetition provide a perceived sense of stability. Paired with the song, which also has the theme of cherishing the first memories of home and the love that brought us into the world, it's a fitting complement.

Peep the creative visual below. Jamie's Building A Beginning, which features "Walk Right Back" and the recently released title track, is out on October 14th.

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