Electric Wire Hustle Delves Deeper Into Experimental Soul With 'I Light A Candle'


Nobody does does soul quite like Electric Wire Hustle and with their upcoming album The 11th Sky it looks like they'll continue to give us more of their unique vision. At the top of the month, we were blessed with they're quietly haunting single "Go Slow" and now they've given us another listen off the album with the latest single, "I Light A Candle."

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"I Light A Candle" finds Mara TK singing an interpolation of Stevie Wonder's "All I Do" over piano and strings to start things off. But soon things get a bit dark as a more ominous synth tone is repeated along with a heavy kick drum and reversed effect. The unusual production creates a stuttering effect that's quite entrancing as Mara weaves a story about a woman dreaming of a better life. After he tells her story, the instrumental then takes on a new life, chopping up Mara's vocal and adding it into the soundscape before being taken over by swelling strings and wavy 808s before fading to its eventual end.

This is all interesting stuff and shows more of the new direction that the group is taking. Give it a spin below and be sure to look out for The 11th Sky, which will arrive on September 30th.

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