Corinne Bailey Rae Is Hopeful & Vibrant In 'The Skies Will Break' Video


If there has been one theme for the visuals from Corinne Bailey Rae's latest opus, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, it has been color. Each clip, from "Been To The Moon" to "Stop Where You Are" to "Green Aphrodisiac," has been breathtakingly vibrant in their use of color as a way to convey the emotion and feel of the song they represent. That trend continues with the release of the official video for the set's opening track "The Skies Will Break."

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While we already got a gorgeous visualizer for the track, the actual video takes the concept of the visualizer further. We see Corinne draped in richly colored frocks and fabrics, from golden to coral to deep scarlet and bright white, as she delivers the song with convincing fervor. She takes on the role of an ethereal goddess presiding over nature as she appears on lush hills and in craggy valleys while spouting the song's hopeful message and reminding us all that the heart speaks in whispers.

In addition to releasing her inspirational new video, Corinne has also partnered with audioBoom for her The Heart Speaks In Whispers podcast. The six-part series finds her exploring the creative process behind making the album. She also sits with philosophers, authors, artists and musicians as she discusses connecting with the mind, spirit, body and natural world. While that sounds like a heady subject, we couldn't think of a better guide.

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Check out the video for "The Skies Will Break" below and dive into her podcast discussions over at audioBoomThe Heart Speaks In Whispers is in stores now.

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