Ashley Scott Realizes The Power Of ‘Words’


Philadelphia is known for the Broad Street Bullies, cheesesteaks and phenomenal music. Home to world-renowned icons including Chubby Checker, Gamble and Huff, Boyz II Men and The Roots, Philly native Ashley Scott looks to be next artist to leave his mark on The Sound of Philadelphia.

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The Philash Entertainment founder and nephew of Three DegreesHelen Scott, Ashley’s debut single “Words” is a classic R&B tune reminiscent of meaningful slow jams of yesteryear. The track is lyrically simplistic, but there’s a message to be found. “Words, they are powerful / They can help, they can hurt,” the singer croons to his love explaining how he wants to respond perfectly, correctly to her frustrations. “I don’t want to say anything to hurt you, baby,” Scott continues, realizing that sometimes it’s best not to say any words at all because they could tear your relationship apart. This man gets it. One can easily imagine a young brother adding this track to an “I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me” playlist in an attempt to get his ex-girl back.

If you agree with Ashley Scott about the power of “Words,” you can add this tune to you collection via Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby. Be sure to follow Ashley on Facebook, Twitter and his official website.

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