Soulful Nerd’s Seen & Heard In Europe: Digging Into Dutch Soul, Pt. 1

Photo Credit: Keith Estep
Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Whaddup fam!

Where have I been you may ask? Well, so much has happened since my last blog. I’ve been on a few tours with my band in Madagascar, Germany and France, and I’ve been touring with the Stephan Becker Trio from Cologne. I’m also working on the release of a live album, as well as writing my first book, Nerdvice. But I haven’t been too busy to discover some new and refreshing artists in neighboring Netherlands.

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Angelique Houtveen, an amazing radio personality in Holland (with a massively beautiful afro and personality), introduced me to some of the amazing array of artists on one of my promotional trips with my soul brotha Darien Dean. She was knowledgeable about all of the American soul acts — both mainstream and underground — as well as jazz, reggae, pop and hip hop artists. And luckily for us, she schooled us on the Dutch Soul scene. Needless to say, our heads were exploding by the time the lesson was all over. I’ve “seen and heard” so many dope Dutch artists that I’m going to have to split my Dutch discoveries into three blogs.

Thank you, Angelique, for the great memories and amazing music! Friends, kick back and enjoy this Dutch Soul train ride.

Funktastically Yours,
Brotha Kenny Wesley, the Soulful Nerd

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