Sevyn Streeter Delivers A Post-Apocalyptic Visual For 'Prolly'


Sevyn Streeter is finally getting the ball rolling on her long-promised solo set Girl Interrupted, releasing the album's first single "Prolly" just last week and now dropping the clip's visual on us this week. However, if you were expecting a typical club video to go with the turn-up anthem, then you were sorely mistaken. Sevyn instead goes for a dystopian, Mad Max-inspired vision for the trap-influenced banger.

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Male dancers clad in dusty black denim and scarves show off their chiseled physiques as Sevyn walks among them, giving a confident sneer as she recites her riot-inciting lyrics. As the camera switches between scenes of her stomping in the post-apocalyptic desert and mugging her way through digital distortion, we get a few glimpses of the song's guest Gucci Mane, who supplies a few ad-libs before popping up in hologram form for his full verse. Fun fact: Being that Gucci is still on house arrest as a condition of his parole, all of his scenes were filmed from the comfort of his own home.

While the song and Mike Ho-helmed video aren't necessarily anything to write home about, they do mark the beginning of a monthly video series that will see Sevyn drop new clips up until the release of Girl Interrupted in early 2017. While we wait to see what comes down the pike from our girl Sevyn, check out the clip for "Prolly" below.

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