Go On A Trip With James Fauntleroy On 'Say Where'


While his sometimes collaborator Frank Ocean has left us hanging (again), James Fauntleroy keeps plugging along and putting out the jams. He's released quite a few songs in the past year — enough to actually put out that album that we've been waiting on, but we digress — and each has been quality. He continues that trend with a funky little ditty that he's calling "Say Where."

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Based around a sick rhythm guitar lick, "Say Where" finds James painting a vivid picture of possibilities for his lady. "You can find what you want right where you are, baby," he sings. "We can go where you want right in the car, just say where." From there, he takes on a magic ride that involves spaceships,  space suits, birthday suits and general good times. Though the lyrics are a bit repetitive, he effectively captures the joy and awe first falling in love and the endless possibilities that you can see when you find that someone special that makes your heart flutter. And just when we think we know where exactly the song is going, he switches things up and track's end, tweaking the groove just slightly and adding in his signature soothing harmonies, taking us home on a high.

It seems that James is content with just dropping loosies, and honestly, we're not too mad at that model, especially when it sounds this good. Pack your bags and go on a trip with James when you press play below.

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