Is Low Leaf’s Aaliyah Cover ‘One In A Million’?


Though she is highly favored by most and her legend has only increased in the 15 years since her untimely passing, Aaliyah‘s catalog is often remixed or sampled but rarely covered. Perhaps it’s because Baby Girl had an energy and style that’s hard to translate or maybe it’s because of the reverence that many folks hold for her and her legacy and how intimidating trying to fill the late singer’s shoes is. Be that as it may, indie singer/songwriter Low Leaf has taken on one of Aaliyah’s most-celebrated songs, “One In A Million,” giving it a subdued spin that might just catch your ear.

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While in the midst of readying her debut, Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness, on her Creator DIY imprint, she took some time to arrange a live cover of the song, replacing the hard-hitting Timbaland production with dreamy harp chords and a jazzy full-band arrangement courtesy of her band The Ascension Crew. She successfully makes the song fit her style, not aiming for Aaliyah’s honey-sweet vocals and instead staying within her own range. While that does result in some not-so-perfect notes, it also lends to an imaginative take on the track that we couldn’t have previously imagined.

Will you be checking for Low Leaf’s cover, though? Find out when you press play below.

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