Frank Ocean Shows Us His 'Blonde' Ambition In His 'Nikes'


What a time to be a Frank Ocean fan. After toying with fans emotions for a little over a year, the reclusive singer finally showed signs of life when he dropped the surprise "visual album" Endless in the wee hours of Friday morning (August 19th). But Frankie O wasn't done just yet. Early Saturday saw him also drop the video for his song "Nikes," which is the lead single and video for his album Blonde (which was formerly titled Boys Don't Cry) and then we had the entire album by Saturday evening. With us just really getting into the album on Sunday, we'll discuss the work in its entirety at a later date. However, "Nikes" is worthy of a discussion all its own.

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Surprisingly, Frank doesn't have many videos, but the ones that he's officially released rarely fall in line with the typical, and "Nikes" is no exception. Instead of giving us a narrative storyline for the visual, the clip seems to be more of a collage of moving images. Models, both male and female, pose in different states of undress as we see Frank in different looks, from a T-shirt and jeans to full-on glam (including glitter, a full face of makeup and a pearl-covered, sequined jumpsuit). The images seem to match the stream of consciousness communicated, with artist cameos from Trina and A$AP Rocky  as well as other vivid imagery popping up when they're mentioned in the lyrics. Overall, it's visually compelling, a bit bizarre, confusing and 100 percent Frank.

We have a sneaking suspicion that there's much more where this came from as far as Blonde is concerned. While we keep a lookout, check out the stream of both the (NSFW) video and Frank's latest album Blonde, which includes features from Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000 and Kim Burrell (!!!), below via Apple Music.

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