Tank Wants To Love His Lady 'For Life'


It might be Wednesday, but it's time to check up on Tank and his latest #TankTuesday entry. After detailing his sexual prowess with the aid of "No Drugs" last week, for this week's drop he keeps it in that loverman mode but instead sings about locking his lady down.

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The General lets his woman know that he's the one for her and will do anything to keep her. He breaks it all the way down early, singing to bae, "Turn you into a wife I should / Roll you up on and out the hood / Put it on the 'gram so it's understood." (Wow, he's putting her on his Instagram? That's how you know it's real.) In case she was still on the fence after hearing all that, he assures her on the chorus, "I'm the type of n***a that'll love you for life." How romantic or something.

Producer Brandon "B.A.M." Hodge is back on the boards for this one, and he cleverly blends a sample of Jodeci's '90s classic "Love U 4 Life" with trap elements for the track. Tank's vocals slide over the sensual soundbed for the R&B lovers, but his raw ad libs sound more suitable for a rap song, which will appeal to the trap soul fans out there. Listen to "For Life" right here to decide if your lover will appreciate Tank's brand of romanticism or if you should just go ahead and keep Jodeci's "Love U 4 Life" in rotation.

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