Kehlani Offers A Welcome 'Distraction'


Kehlani may have had a rough spring, but we're glad to see that the Oakland-based singer is making sure that the summer is hers for the taking. She first hit us with "24/7" back in May before lacing us with "CRZY" just last week. Now, it seems she's ready for a little fun with her latest single "Distraction."

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Being that it's summertime (a perfect time to have a fling), "Distraction" being released now is fitting. The song finds Kehlani looking for a little loving, however she's not looking for any attachments after the fact. "Are you down to be a distraction, baby?" she coos over Pop & Oak's knocking production. However, she specifies that she doesn't want to be distracted from her grind. Her vocal flows nicely over the instrumental, which has just enough bump to bang in your ride with the top down and yet keeps things flirty and fun enough to make it perfect to add to your summertime playlist.

Speaking of adding newness to your playlist, Kehlani's debut album is set to drop later this year. She's been rather cryptic about the whole affair, only alluding to the album with the hashtag #SSS on social media and continuing to be tight-lipped about the set's release date. While we wait on that info, it looks we have just the right "Distraction" to keep us occupied.

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