BANKS Declares That She Likes To 'F**k With Myself'


BANKS is a huge believer in self-love, at least from what we can tell in her latest single and video "F**k With Myself." Yesterday the L.A.-based songstress stopped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio Show to debut the new single, which now has some eerie visuals to go along with it. The single is a mid-tempo dance track about being your own best friend, as Banks repeatedly declares in the chorus, "Cause I f**k with myself more than anybody else."

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The video illustrates how she does just that as she plays with a bald mannequin replica of herself that looks too real for our liking. The video, directed by Philippa Price, has all the makings of a scary movie. Masked dancers who contort around her, she stares at herself in front of a broken mirror and after she's done licking and pretty much abusing the mannequin, she later sets it on fire. It's uncomfortable and artsy at the same damn time, and you likely won't be able to look away from the three-minute video.

For someone who has been keeping it lowkey since her 2014 album Goddess, it looks like BANKS is back with a mission. She is gaining momentum ahead of her upcoming album release, which dtops on September 30th. When you're not busy practicing self-love as she directs, check back in with us for more information about the BANKS' new album in the coming months.

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