V. Bozeman Makes Us Wanna 'Go' On A Ride With Lincoln MKZ


Often times the best place to listen to music is in your car, so it's only right for V. Bozeman and the Lincoln Motor Company to take us for a spin. To celebrate Black Music Month in conjunction with Lincoln First Listen, V. Bozeman hopped in a Lincoln MKZ with SiriusXM The Heat's personality Dion "Deezy" Summers. The two go on a scenic ride in V.'s hometown of Los Angeles while listening to "Go." To kick off the video, V. talks about her love of music and Dion expounds on the best way to listen to it. We watch the two jamming in the desert while the features of the slick, black Lincoln MKZ are strategically woven into the commercial.

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V. released "Go" at the end of May, and she's been flexing her acting chops, appearing in FOX's Empire and Tyrese's short film The Black Book. With her powerful vocals and passionate delivery, we're always ready to go wherever the songstress wants to take us. She goes into more detail about her music and career on Lincoln's website. While V. is still mum on when we can expect her album Music Is My Boyfriend, you can actually get "Go" on iTunes and ride out with her and Dion when you watch their Lincoln MKZ spot right here.

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